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Coban Coffee

The pictures taken in this page are from the Coban Region.  This is one of the coffee regions of Guatemala which is very cloudy and rainy.   The misty rain is called "chipichipi" by the local folks.  The coffee here is distinctively different from other Guatemalan coffees, it has a good body, a distinct and delicate acidity, and a fragrant aroma with a light wine note.  It is usually grown at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,500 meters above the sea level.  Most of the crop grown in this region is shade grown and cultivated by small producers.  The coffee is picked by hand by the whole family.  Everyone does their hard share of work.  The harvest season in this areas is between December and March.  Below you will find a series of pictures showing part of the coffee activities.  I hope you like them!

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Visiting the Chicoj Agricultural Cooperative

Coffee tree

Coffee cherries

Cofee Cherries ready for picking

Ready for picking!

Cofee Cherries ready for picking

Coffee collected at the wet mill

Coffee cherries ready for process

Carrying the coffee to the receiving station

Taking the 150 pound of coffee sack off the back and head strap

Depulping machine.

Carrying a coffee sack to the recollection point

Teen agers carrying coffee sacks to the recollection point.

Drying coffee washed coffee

Drying washed coffee

Drying coffee

Drying coffee

Dried coffee

The Wetmill processing facility

General Manager of FEDCOVERA (Leonardo Delgado) being interviewed by Reuters.

Boy delivering a load of coffee

Girls deliverying their coffee load

Girls smiling after delivery their load of coffee

Happy after a hard day of work

Delivery coffee to the collection area.

Arriving at the wetmill facility.

Walking through the coffee farms

Walking towards the wetmill facility

House of a coffee producer

Ceremony at the Cooperative

Left to Right: Min. of Culture of Guatemala, Adolfo Franco, AA for Latin America and Glenn Anders, USAID/G-CAP Director

Coffee Cooperative members

Quqchi woman attending ceremony

Pine trees imported from Honduras

Pine trees imported from Honduras

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